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Windows XP SP2 Build 2126

دوشنبه 28 اردیبهشت‌ماه سال 1383

امروز می خوام آخرین نسخه سرویس پک ویندوز اکس پی رو برای دانلود بذارم. حجم فایل ۲۷۰ مگابایت هست و لینکش هم کار می کنه اگه سرعت اینترنت شما بالاهست پیشنهاد می کنم داون لودش کنید. با سرعت ۵۶ به هیچ وجه داون لود نکنید خیلی طول می کشه.
فعلا هیچ سایت فارسی ندیدم اینو برای داون لود بذاره خودم به زحمت تونستم گیرش بیارم.

It's large in size because the network install file contains the updates for Media Center Edition, Media Center Edition 2004 and updates Tablet PC to version 2004. It will only install these vpdates on PCs running XPMCE or XPTPC. Express is going to be the way to go for the average end user.

Betaplace is pleased to announce the availability of interim build 2126 to allow you evaluate our progress towards the RC release of XP SP2. This build is not beta quality and you should take that into account when installing. While we believe the quality to be high, and the build very stable, always be sure to backup your data and be particularly careful when installing it onto any system that you can't be without for awhile.

Build 2126 contains a significant number of fixes and improvements since the initial beta release and we ask that you take some time to evaluate our progress and provide us with feedback on this build. We are particularly interested in any regressions from the beta release (things that worked in the beta release, but fail now).

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